Future Pinball
(Version, 24.0meg)

Download: Future Pinball v1.9.1.20101231

Under Vista/Windows 7 be sure to run Future Pinball as administrator.

If you are new to Future Pinball be sure to Download
Sci-Fi Classic (below) and check out the Tables section on this site and the Support Forum for other user designed tables.

You can if you wish make a small donation to help with the costs of the site, a gesture of thanks, buy us a beer on friday, whatever..

This software is release 'As Is'. It may contain bugs and missing features.


Pc World did a 12 page tutorial on Future Pinball in
its "Build You Own Games" book
released December 2006.

You can download a PDF of the Tutorial HERE
(you might have to right click and Save Target As...
depending on your browser)

Sci-Fi Classic
(Version 1.1.20051231, 15meg)

Download Sci-Fi Classic
The official example table for Future Pinball

Download Sci-Fi Classic

Table Design and Graphics by: Matt Ellis
Coding by: Christopher Leathley
Music by: Scott Haag



Future Pinball © 2008 Christopher Leathley - BSP Software Design Solutions