PcWorld "Build Your Own Games" Future Pinball Tutorials


Pc World did a 12 page tutorial on Future Pinball
in its "Build You Own Games" book
released December 2006.

You can download a PDF of the Tutorial HERE



PcFormat Workshops Future Pinball

PcFormat (Leading UK Computer Magazine) is
currently doing a Workshop on Future Pinball
over the next few months. Future Pinball also
had pride and place on the cover disk DVD.



nVidia Demos Future Pinball at Siggraph 2005

Future Pinball was shown off on the
nVidia Developers Tools Booth at Siggraph 2005
demostrating nVidia's high end developer tools
where it was very well received.

Sorry for the Blury Pictures.. They were the best I could get.


Retro Gaming Radio

Future Pinball recently featured in the Bits and Bytes section of the monthly
Retro Gaming Radio Show (by Shane R. Monroe). You can listen to the
excert here (mp3) or visit the main Retro Gaming Radio Site.


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