Sci-Fi Classic Screen Shots

Sci-Fi Classic is the Demo Table which comes with Future Pinball.
It shows what the program can do aswell as gives you something to play.
(click on each picture to see the full version)

You can see screen shots of other Tables on the Support Forum


Various Camera Views of Sci-Fi Classic



Top Bumpers of Sci-Fi Classic (with wireframe view)


Scalability Of Rendering

Not Everybody has the Latest and Greatest of Video Cards. Future Pinball bares this
in mind and has been designed to allow a huge amount of scalability in it's rendering.
This allows even the most complex tables to run on the most basic video card
(with less detail obviously). So if you have a X800 or a Geforce 4mx you
can still get the best out of your video card.


Sci-Fi Classic At Full Detail (194,000 Polygons) and at Low Detail (39,000 Polygons)


The Newton (Physics) View of the Table Layout



Future Pinball has a Truly Dynamic Reflection system that allows Stunning
visuals and almost Photo Realistic Render Quality. Clicking on the above picture will explain a little about how the Playfield is rendered Real time in multiple passes



The Future Pinball Editor allows you to create your very own pinball Creations via a
simple to use interface which allows you to place objects on your table and
edit various properties each object has.


Help Manual

Future Pinball comes with a very detailed Help manual which will help you learn how
the program works and how to control each of the objects the Editor allows you to create.



The Script Editor allows for the custom Visual Basic Scripting game code to be created around an Event driven structure. Future Pinball only provides a limited sub-set of the Visual Basic Scripting Language as a lot of extra functionality is provided by the game engine. This script is executed at table run-time to control the game logic and is flexible enough to allow a wide vararity of Original Games to be created.


Blue Print

When Designing a Pinball, On of the Greatest Aids is being to overlay a Blue Print of your design into a Paint Package to allow you to design your playfield graphics. Future Pinball
Allows Custom sized Blueprints (upto 4096x4096) to be exported.
As The Future Pinball Editor supports the concept of "Layers" you can (if you wish)
only export various components (say lights) to the Blue Print.


Precision Of Design


We are taking a lot of effort to ensure that all the Models used
in Future Pinball are as exact as we can possibly make them


Future Pinball © 2007 Christopher Leathley - BSP Software Design Solutions